Bloom Day School

Bloom Day School is a year-round Christian program that offers full-time child care for children ages infants to pre-kindergarten. We are an extension of Grow Church. Based on Proverbs 22:6, we believe that in order to change the future, we must first train our little ones to have good moral values and the ability to determine right from wrong. It is our goal to help parents raise their children according to the Word of God. This helps to develop a godly character and respect for their parents and others. It is our hope for you to feel at home and see our staff as your extended family as we join you in raising your children.
Naples, FL
Logo Design

Bloom Day School wanted a logo that would appeal to upper-middle class parents and their children. We came up with several different concepts and the client selected one of them, which we then further refined.

As an extension of Grow Church we were able to implement the Grow Church leaf logo into the design as well as the green color. We added in the wordmark to give the identity a bolder feel in order to make sure it stood out in a sea of other logo's.