Grow Church

Grow Church is a non-denominational church with two locations in Naples, Florida.
Naples, FL
Logo Design + Branding

From Life Christian Church to Grow Church

Church rebranding is a huge undertaking. It’s not only a logo change, but an entire positioning. In 2018 Life Christian Church came to me looking to redo their logo and branding. LCC was moving to a larger facility and wanted to take the opportunity to launch their new branding when they got in their new building. They wanted to change their light blue coloring and tree logo so that it would stand out more. So Life Christian Church became Life Church, blue became green, and the tree became a leaf.

Going Green

The decision to go green with their branding was an ingenious one. They looked at the logos of other churches in this area and noticed that most had used blue as a primary color, it is associated with royalty whereas green means growth and life which are important aspects about what The Church believes everyone has - they have faith there's always more for us .

Additional logo options

From Life to Grow

We were nearly finished with all of the branding material when they changed their name from Life Church to Grow Church. This decision was made because everyone who steps through those doors will grow as a person, and that's what we want for our new congregation!

I have been designing apparel for Grow Church since their rebrand.
I also work with a number of internal programs, including the church's day school Bloom and ministry school Grow School of Ministry to generate relevant content that will inspire our members as they grow toward Christ.

Grow Church Rebrand