Inctrl created a fun and engaging mobile app to equip you with the tools you need to do taxes, find healthcare providers, get the best insurance rates, take proper care of yourself, and more. They strive to make adulting simple.
Atlanta, GA
Logo Design

A Look at Our Logo Design Process

InCtrl is a new app that makes adulting easy. InCtrl's logo design was thoughtfully created to represent the simplification of life moments and everything you might need for a successful day. The logo features a user-friendly, modern font with a red triangle representing the beak of a Tern, representing direction and leadership. Along with its clean lines and color scheme, this logo has it all!

The idea for this logo is all about being an adult. The Tern was chosen because they are leaders in the flock. But they are also the first to leave their family. They are serious at times but they are also very humorous. They are social creatures but distant. They have a keen sense of direction but the most direct route is not always the fastest one. They are strong but graceful, strong willed but humble. This is the type of adult that most people strive to be.

The process of creating this logo started with research into how to design for this specific client. Adding the birds head to the initials was the first thought. But really it all came down to if it was something that the customer could use on a billboard or for an app icon. After multiple sketches and ideas were sent back and forth, we all decided on this path together.